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The Preface. defcribed , I Tim. 3 . 6. d- 6. q. ) of undigefied notions and gretn,and rawapprehen (ions , that are fo puft up, with ;little fmarteringTeeming knoWledge , that they definft both Minifiers andpeople, that be not of their mind, and viiifie them as afort of ignorant deludedmen. Anddo they indeed excell is inknowledge as much as they pretend ? 0 that they did ! that foWe might fee the Church furnifhedwith Infer better teachers and might our felves have the priviledge of being their hearers , and of being better infiruRed by them ? But hew evident is it to all that have eyes, that it is in Pride and not in Knowledge that they exce IL ; and that all this comes from the Domini,n of Self ? and that they fpeakcvil of the things they know not, kid. to. 7. Obferve alfo how tar men are carryed by the fond over-, valuingof their own opinicns agamft all Reafon, andformer pro- miles, and againfi all bonds to God and man ; and then judge of theirfelf-denyal. If once they feel anew apprehenlion, it tickleth themwith delight, as being an elevation of their underflandings above other mens ; and as Parents arefond of their children, be_ caufe they are their own ,fo are the Proud through thecorruption of their minds as fond of an opinion which they can call their Own, if there be any thing of fingularity in it to make them Teemperfons of more then ordinary underfianding. Andwhen they. are once poffrffed of it, howpartially do they indulge it ? How light do they make of the firongeft arguments that are brought againfi it ? How contemptuoufly du they think and speak of the perfons, thejudgements, the writings, the reafonings of any that- are againft them ? Nay :ifs:ally they will not be perfwaded fo much as once to read the writings that contradia them. Or if 4 ; they de, it is withfomuchprejudice andpartiality, that theyhave in their minds confuted them, before they read orundergand them, and inflead of confideriug the weight of arguments , and compa- ring faithfully caufe with caufe , they onlybely what tofay againfl their adverfary (forfo they account thofe that wouldcross or confute their opinions..) Nay obferve but what a changea newopinion makes upon them in reference to their formerfriends. How firange do they look at them that cannot follow them in their fancies ? Though before they were their bolomfriends, yet without any change inthem- fetties,