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What Selfilknefs and Self-denial are at the Reot. 7 But when he fell from God,he arrogated praciically (though notionally he may deny it ) a propriety in himfelf , and ufeth hirrifelf accordingly. And when Chrift bringeth men to deny themfelves, they ceafe to be their own in their conceits any more : Then they refign themfelves wholly to God as being wholly his. They know they are his,both by the right of Creation andof Redemption : And therefore are to be difpofed of by him, and to glorifie him in body andfpirit which are his, i Cor.6.19 ,20. Rom.14.9. To be thus heartily devoted to God as his own, is the form of Sanaification ; and to live as God's own, is the truly Holy life. 5. As man in Innocency did know that he was not his own; fo he knew that nothing that he had way his own ; but that he was the Steward of his Creator, for whom he was to ufe them , and to whom he was accountable, But when he was fallen fromGod to himfelf, though he had loft the Right of a Servant , yet he grafpeth at the Creature, as if he had the Right of a Lard : He now takes his Goods , his Lands, his Money tobe his own : and thereforehe thinks he may ufe them for hirafelf,and give God only fome fmall Contri- bution,left he fhould difturb hisPoffeffion:he faith as the impious ones, 1'7;1/.12.4. Our lips are our own ' who is Lord over us ? Though all of them know fpeculatively that all is Gods , yet praetically they take it and ufe it as their own. But when Grace teacheth them todeny themfelves,it ftrippeth them naked of all that they feemed Proprietors of; and maketh them confefs that nothing is their own, but all is Gods ; and to God they do devote it, and ufe it for him,andgive him his own : which the firft Chriftians fignified by felling all, and laying at the Apoilles feet.And therefore he askethGod what he thrill do with it,ana how he shall ufe it;and if God take it from him,he canblefs the name of the Lordwith yob, :fob 1. 21. as knowinghe taketh but his Own: and can fay with Eli, It is the Lord , let him do what feemeth him good, I .Sam. 3 .18, He knows that God may dowith his own as he lift. Mat.2o.i 5 . and that he canhave no- thing but of his bounty ; and therefore that it is bis Mercy that leaveth him any thing ; but it were no wrong to him if he took away all. And thus he undethandeth that he is but a Steward;