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Dedicatorya which florurifhed before thef Contromerjes were hatched which my Poore labors(in a fhort while) come now forth again the 3©. time, under the gracious prote.4ion of your Highneffe fauour: and by their entertaine- ment Pane not to bee altogether unwelcome to the Church of Chrift. If to bee pious, bath in all ages beetle held the truefl: ho- nour : how much more honou- rable ù it, in fo impious an age, to, bee the true Patrone . and Pat- terne ofPiety ? Piety made Dam nid Salomon, Iehofaphat, Eze- chias, Iofias, Zerubbabel, Con - (tantine, Theodofius, Edward the fixt, Omeeme Elizabeth, Prince Henry and other religious Prin- ces,to be f honoured: that their names (fince their deaths) ftnell in the Church of G O I) Ikea Ecei..r. precious- oyntment ,. and their and q;.sd, remembrance is fweete as Ho- ney in all mouthes , and as.Mu- fikc: at, a banquet of. Wine . when r.i ï; > `f