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* Apoc.i7.8. <o?q3rz9 3°. Ç9r.3,t8. The Lpiffle when as the lips of others who haste 6eene godlcífe and irreligi- ous Princes, doe rot and flinke in the memory of Gods people. And what honour is it for great men to haw great Titles on earth ; when - God counts their Names vnworthy to be* written in his Booke of life in Hea- uen ?: .its is Piety that ernbalmes Prince his good name. , and makes hls face to {hine before men, and glorifies his foule a- mong Angels. For as Mofes his face,by often talking with God, ihined in the eyes of the people; fo by frequent praying (which is ourtalking with God) and hea- ring the Word, (which is Gods . fpeaking veto vs) wee íhall'be changed from glory to glory, by the Spirit of the Lord,to the Image of the. Lord. LAndPeeing this lift is vricertaine to:rall:, (e- fecially ro Princes:) what argu- i .went 14 more fit,. both for Prin- ces,:_