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..P,ONw---- Dedicatory. vnsfieakeakle comfort thereof) 1 The gravi- another venerable Iehoiada,that - obus i(h Arcooh f - p loth good in our I frael both Cant,G,,,. towards God , and towards his Houle: of whom your High.. nef e at all times , in all doubts, may learue the fincerity of Reli- gion , fir the Saluation of your inward Soule and the wifef counfell far the direc4ion ofyosrr .. outward Efate? And to exciteyok the rather, to the zealoru Pra- c4ice of dìuine,Piety; often/4- pejè with yossr f fl , that your Highneffe heotrec your religious Father Iambs ppeaking vnto you , at fometimes holy Dauid z Chr.a8o9 jpake to hi Sonne Salomon: And thou Charles, my Sonne, know thou the God of thy Fa- ther, and ferme him with a per - fe t heart, and with a willing mind: for the Lora fearcheth all hearts,and v nderífandeth all the imaginations of the thoughts ifthou feeke him , bee will bee found of thee ; but if thou for- fake