Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

Thehono table Sir Robert Cary Knight, anti the Religi- ous Lady Cart his Wife. Mt... Thong's hurray. Sir lames Fxllerton. i Chr.2.4.te, The Epiilie llappines to be hoped fir in Hea- uen. Host can Piety but protnife to her f ft a zealous Patrone of your Highneffe ; being the foie Son and Heire off gracious and great a Monarch : who ù not only the defender of the faith by Title; but a fo a defender of the Faith in truth : as the Chri f lian World bath taken notice by his learned con fitting `sti of Bellar- mines over- .reading Herefses and his fuppreffing in the blade o Vorflius Athean blafphemies ? And how,eafic is itfor, your High- nefl`e to eggall (if nor exceed) all that went before you, in Grace and greatneffe; rf you doe but fet your heart to fecke , And to ferue God, con/idertnghaw religiouf ly your Highneffe bath beetle e- ducated by godly and vertuous Gouernours and Tutors : alfo that you hue in fuch a time wherein Gods prouidence ,. and the Kings religious care haue placed offer tine Church' : (to the' vnm,