Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

12 $ f ?'he `l'rac`lice of Piety. pfaI.;z,t. into our Mager! ioy. As thou haft borne with me the Croffe, fo shalt thou now weare with me the Crowne. As thou haft with twc Towed .plenteoufly in tearer, fo fhalt thou reape with me abundantly in icy. O ble f fed aye bleffedbee that God I who (when yonder reprobates fpent their whole time in pride, flejb- lrnfis, eating, drining, and pro - ?ham vanities ) glues vs grace to ioyne together, in hatching, f4Ting , pr6aying , reading the Scriptaarer, keeping his Sab- baths, hearing, Serm,nr , recei- uing the Holy Commsinion, re- Ieeuing thepoore; exercifìng (in all humility) the works of Piety to God ; and walking confciona- bly in the duties of' our calling, towards men, Thou íhalt anon heave no mention ofxhy fs_ns, for they are remitted & cornered : but euerygoodwork, , which thou haft done for the Lords fake, (hall be rehearfed and rewarded. y Cheere