Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The Prat-lice of Piety, Then (hall the Soule with ioyfulne% greet her Body,fay- ing :: Oh well met againe, my deare f %der ! How fweet is thy voice !-how comely is thy coun- tenance, hauing lien hid fo long in the clifts ofthe rocks, and in the fecret places of the grole ! Thou art indeede an habitation fit, not onely for me to dwell in ; but fuch as the Holy Ghof$ thinkes meete to refide in, as his Temple for euer. The win - ter ofour affliflionsis now paib the ftorme of our miferie is blown ouer , and gone. The Bodies of our Eiji' Brethren appeare more glorious, then the Lilly-flowers on the earth : the time of finging .Halleluiah is come ; & the voice of the trim - per is heard in the Land. Thou haft beene my Toke- fellow in the Lords labours, and companion in perfecutions and wrongs,. for Chrift and his Gofpels fake; now (hall wee enter together G 4 into I27 The Elea Souks 4. pofiropbe to her body,- at her fit it meeting in the Retur- rettion, Can.14.