Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

4 30 The Praatlice of Piety; twelsse eApoftles (hall fit vpon tzvelueThrones (next ChriII), to fudge the twelue Tribes, (who refuted to heare the Gofpell preached by their Minif}ery.) a Core z,3 And all the Sabot (in honor and order) (hall (tand next veto thé, as ludgesalfo, to idge the.e- uilì Angels , and earthly- minded men. And as euery of them re- ceiuedgrace in this life, to bee Apoaa.i: more zealous of his glorie, and more faithfill in his Seruice, then oth ° s : fo (hall their glorie Rom, 16.2 and reward bee greater then o- 2 Cor. 9.6: tilers in that Day. Iohn 14.4 ; The place whither they (hall bee gathered "vnto Chrifr, and where Chrift (hall fit in Judge- ment, (hall be in the eAire, ouer the Valley of Iehofphar,, by a Ther.4.27 Mount Olisiet,neere unto Ier" 1o0.3.r,t, f7lé, Eaftward fr6 the Téple, as Stc. it is probable for Loure reafons. i . Becaufe the holy Strip - tare feems to fo much in plaine words : 1 will gather all