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The Prafl:ce of P9ety. I 131 an Nations into the vallev of le- hofphat , and plead with them there. Cast thy mighty ones to core down, O Lord: let the Ma.. then be wakened , and come vp to the valley of Iehojphat ; for sNeeChr. =o.z9 there will I fit to tudge all the » re .5;, Heathen round about. lehóia- valley. was I o- phat fignmf eth , The Lord will rlaMouh,wnt hMere Abraham fa- . edge. And this valley was fo ertficed.Iiase called from the great vicfory Gene 22; which the Lord gaue Ieho/A- Ism* taw /" Ang Is Iva- , phat & his people ouer the Am- ding and clef- eendrog on a montes, Moabite; and inhabi- ladder, Gen. tants of Mount Seir. Which vi 28.1 he An- to was a t e of the Hall rl put r ry ype . h:, fwo :d vifforl , which Chriff, the fil- and fire from' p refilees Judge (hall giue his - teauen borne Lthe facrifice lei, ouer all their enemies in in Araunahs that place, at the laie Day, as all 24 m salov' 4 the Iewes interpret it, See Zac, budded the I44,5 . Prl. s I. I,2,&c, all a- Cl Óple,z, greeing, that the place ¡hall bee ctT pea th'reabottts. Go fd ti fuf e- 2. Becaufe that as Chrift was red' Ilia Pat' on, & entred * , i} hereabouts crucified, and put into his glo. to open fhame ;. fo ouer that rp,Gatth.att Gen.28. place, Verf.sI1=