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The Prat-lace of Piety. 139 those haft gitten rnee ; and that I may be in them , and thou in me, that they may bee made perfdl its one :that the world may know that thou hat /Tent mee , and that thou hag load them, as thou haft lotted me. á . Chriff ¡hall definer vp the Kingdome to God, euen the Father, that is, hall c afe to ex- z Cor.zç. echte his ojis'e of Mediatorfhip z4t whereby as bee is King, . rsefl, Prophet. and Supreme bead of the Church, bee fuppreffed his Enemies, and ruled his faithfidl people by his Spirit , Word , and Sacraments. So that his King_ dome of Grace ouer his Church in this World ceafing; he fball ¡rule :m nediately as he is God, equall with the ,Father, and the Holy Ghofi, in his Kusgdome of Glory for cuermore. Not that the dignity of his Manhood ¡hall bee any thing diminilhed but that the glory of his God- head fhall bee more mani- fefted