Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The PraEtice of Piety. vnto our God, Kings and Priel's, t© raione with thee in thy King- dom for evermore, e. Omen, Then (hall they fit in their Thrones and Order, as Judges of z Cor,6. r, the Reprnbates,and eaillangels : 1,3,sec. by approving, and giteing te li- Mat°, mony to the righteous fentence and iudgement of Chrift , the Supreme Judge. After the pronouncing of the Reprobates fentence and condemnation, Chrfl will per- forme two folemne Anions. T. The prefenting of all the 8 1011;117.1s, left unto his Father. Behold, O 14,9,24. righteous Father, theft are they whom thon ganef? me,I haue Dept them, and none of them ie loll. I gane them thy Word, and they be.- teemed it , and the World hated them, besaufe they were not of the Iohn 2.,16. World, even as I was not ofthe World, e4nd now, Father, [will that tholes whom thou haft given mee, be with mewhere I arm that they may behold my glorie, which thou