Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The `l'ragice of Piety. The third and fall degree of the bleffed Bate of a Regenera- ted Man after death, begins af- ter the pronouncing of the fen - tence , and lafteth eternally without all end. Meditations of the ble fred oft ate of a Regenerated Man , in Heauen , after he hath reed- ited his fentence of Abfolu- tion, before the Tribunall f at of Chrifl , at the lafi Day of Indg ement. laEre my Meditation daze - leth , and my pen falleth out ofmy hand : the one being not able to conceiue , nor the o- ther to defcribe, that moil excel- Ient bliffe, and eternall waiiht of glory (wherof all the a ffifti- MS of this prefint life are not a Cor.4.r7. , l.ot.8. i srorthy)which all the Elea flan with '. the bleffed Trinity enio from that time that they ¡halif bee receiued with Chr fl: as om.8.17. ioynt 141