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The T ra£fiee af `Pier, ioynt heires, into that euer- la{irg Kinggdome ofioy. Notwithanding , we may take a fcantling thereof thbls : The Holy Scriptures fet forth (to our canacity) the glo- ry of our eternall and heauenly life after death , in foure re- fpeas. I. Of the Place. 2. Ofthe ObieF . 3. OF the Prerogatiuet of the EIe 9 there. 4 OF the ¡feat of thofe Prerogatives. Of the?l ice. a z King.s. He place is the (a) Hearten b z Cori z. T of heauens, or the . (6) third 24. Hearten, called Parad f : whi- ther Chril (in his humane na- tore) afeended far alvue all vifs- 6le Heartens. The Bridegroomes Chamber, which by the firma - PfaI.19.S. ment, as by an; azured cur-, Mails. io. tine fpangled with glittering ffarres,