Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

.......------ The Praftsce ofPiety. for their deeds and good 11 gels, though they haue reafo yet 'hall they yeeld no account, becaufe they haue no finne. And as for euill eANgelr , they are- without all hope , already con- demned : fo that they need not make any further accounts. Man onely in his death muff bee Gods accosantant for his On the other fide, thou feeft (D Man). how happy and bief fed thy effáte is, beingtruelyTe conciled vnto God in ClrriIl in that ( through the reftauration of Gods Image, and thy reftitu- tion into thy Soueraignty ouer other creatures) thou art in this Iife little inf riour to the Angels; and (halt be in the life to come, equall to the Angels : Yea, (in refped of thy Nature, exalted, by a perfonall vision, to the Sonne- of God ; and by him,to theglory of the Trinity ) ¡uperiour of the Angels : a Fellow brother with I3 Angels,