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The Prattice of Piety. ruption of Nature , without Chrií : in fo much that where- as the Scriptures do liken wic- ked men vnto Lyons , Beares, Tolls, Horfes, Dogges, and fuck like fanage creatures in their lines.: it is certaine , that the condition of an vnregenerated man, is in his death more vile then a Dogge , or the filthi& creature in the world. For the Beall (beeing made but for mans vfe) when bee dyeth, en- deth all his miferies with his death. But man (endued with a renfortable, and an /*norm& Soule, made after Gods Image, to ferne God) when he ends the 'miferies of this life, muff ac- coma for alibis mifdeeds and begin to endure thofe miferies that never ¡hall know end. No creature but man , is lyable to yeeld (at his death) an accoaim for his life. The bruit creatures not hailing reafon, ¡hall not bee required to make any account for