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The Contents. Anotherfborter Fueising prayer. 3z9 Ir. Things to bee meditated vpon,as thou art going ro bed. 335 13. Meditations fir . 4 god y hottfholder. 337 I 3. e4 Morning prayer for a Family. z4. Holy meditations and races before and after dinner and gr 253 15 . Rulesto ie abferueel in frn ing of Pfalmes. 364 6.emening prayer for a Fami y. 368 17. e Religions dífcourfc o the Sabbtth Day,wherein proo- lied that the Sabbath 'vas altered;: from the feuenth to the Ali day' of theweek!, not by humane ordi- nance, but by Chaff himfelfi and his 9polfles: that the fourth ce n -'. nrecndement isperpetuall and mo rail under the new Teffunent, aJ ',ell as under the Old. And the rue manner of fimfl Eying. the Sabbath