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The Contents. Sabbath Dá7 is defcribed out of the Word of God 77 I 8. cam! Morning Prayerfir the Sabbath Day. 455_ 19. Rn emoting `frayer fir the Sabbath Day. 482 20 Meditation" of the true manner of Failing, and (gluing of Almes,out of the word of God. 491 2I. The right manner of ho y Feafiing. 320 22. Holy and deuout Medita- tson,r of the worthy and reuerent receiving of the Lords Supper. 522 23. An humble Confifon of fanner before the holy Communion 565 24. A fweetefoliloquie to bee laid a little before the reccitsing of the holy Sacrament. 593 25 A Prayer to be faid after the receissing of the holy Sacra- ment 6o6 26. Meditation' low to he- hake