Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

s The ef- t knee of God , and that, in re- ,{ fpeft of r t I 3 c a Á{ r Father. t The diners manner s Sonne. ' of being therein, which ; Holy are three Perfons : (,ho(}, NorniAa}l,: or s The At tributes thereof, which are Neither, r;; s Simple- ' ó nelle. ° a Infinite_ aetle. _{ aLife. á a Vnder- á ftanxling. d ; Will. 4 Power. , S Maietlie. 2 Thy ovine Celle in re- ç, fpet of thy Rate of Ji Corruption. a Renouation. 3, a .Private}y in thine owne ó perfon. With thyfa- t - milp euery day. QS Ït By thy Ó 2 Pub- s with the 5 tife,ittdedi- ` likely. Church on the i caring thy ° Sabat}h day. E T u íli f l& deco - lt' to lerne Extraordina- rily, Fa ng bun, by Failing. 5 t in the Lord. s For the Lord Z°, ÿ s By thy death, in dying se _ Vn1ef'%