Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

fVnleffe that a man doth truly know God, bee neither can nor will worfl'ip him aright:for how can a man loue him, whom hee k.noreth not? and who will ror- fhip him , whole helpe a man thinks he needeth not? and how íhall a man feeke remedy by Grace, who neuer vnd rftood his mifery by Nature ?Therfore (faith the a Apofle) free that commeth to God,mult beleeue that God is , and that he is a rewarder o f them that féeke him. And for as much as there can he no true 'Piety , without the knowledge of God ; nor any good praEi ice,without the know- ledge of a mans orse felfi : wee will therefore lay downe the knowledge of Gods Maiefly and Mans Mtfery, as the firít and chiefef grounds of the Practice of Piety. The `Prat-ice of Piety. , 3 rum Deum mare Tibet, cum perfua- rurnbabemtas arias ere ,rptimum maximum, abique pvæ- li ntem,emm nia in nobis e ffecientem, gum in quo uamus, mouemur, rionta,Boc.. nPfa.n fa a Heb.i T. 'panda in primis opera efi,vt Deum norimua, quotquot fa- ces 03e volarnnu! Quid nofcia, (ì teip(um nefcia ?