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_ _.o-----° The Ps°aFíice of Piety. ther, by the holy Gho.i; the holy Ghoft, from the Father and the Sown'. Secondly, to diílinguith the firfi & immediate beginning, from which thofe external' and cbmon aftions doe flow.Hence it is, that forafrnuch as the Fa- ther is the fountaine and original' of the Trinity, the beginning of all external working:the a Name of God in relation,and the title of Creator in the Creed,are giaen in a fpeciall manner to the Father; 1 our Redemption to the Son ; and our Santification to the perron of the holy Ghor?, as the immedi- ate agents of there aions. And this is a1fo the caufe , why the Sonos he is Mediator, referreth all things to the b Father, not to the Holy Gho_ and that the Scripture fo often faith,that we are reconciled to the Father. This diuine order or Oeconomy excepted there is neither firf nor , neither fiperiority nor, i, iraoririe amoni, the three 172y.S:, aFtáncDei n men fiepe its Scripturis Patri aaK? iOxÁ9. (ri bkFt fu. Ioh.t 4.t. Rom.8.3. r Car.3.7. : Cor r.24. b M at.rt.ts Ioh.g Q zo Lr,27,,x3. Ioh.i r._4, Ioh.t r.?Go c tCcrs. F 6PStc.