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lo I The Pratlice o f Piety, ther the beginning of his Perfon and Order, but not of E f ence and Time. The Holy Ghor is the third Perfon of the blefl'ed Trinitie a ioh..l. g 6. d proceeding & fent forth equally it... .9 from e both the Father and the [Zom.8.g, the Holy Ghoft .I Son , by an internall and incom- is;called ,the .r Sprit uî prehenfible fÿiratian : For as the chrif . Son receiueth the whole diuine e spirit., a. a Nora eti. a Effence bygeneration; fo the ho- Faie pracedit, y Ghoft receiueth it wholly by tangua+n ab bra 6. avian 1Pirsation. pr'nespY°''n This Order betwixt the three 41446.4 )an- 1 ;WO prrfini ! perfens appeares, in that the Fa- f bfrdentr' they begetting, mull in order be tang.aa before the Sonne begotten; and d.d:,.' , .di- the Father and Sonne,before the iiIva pzìzuk eV. Holy Ghojt , proceeding from both. 1 This Order fernes to fet forth vnto vs two things : firf}, the ;manner how the Trinitie wor-. { kethin their externall .o ions: as that the Father worketh of him felfe by the Sonne and the Holy Gho!t i the tit: Sonne from the Fa- ther,