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The Prather ofTiety. Father, fhould reftore in vs the Ipirituall Image of God which we had loft. In the Incarnation, the God- head was not turned into the Manhood, nor the Manhood into the God-bead: but the God- head,as it is theficond perfin, or word,alfumed vnto it the Men- hood, that is, the whole nature of man,body and foule; and all the naturali properties and z infirmi- ties thereof,finne excepted. The Second Perfon tooke not vpon him the perfin of man, but the Nature of man. So that the humane nature hath-no perfonal fisbliilence of it owne, (for then there should bee two Perlons in Chrift; ) but it fubfifleth in the wprd,the fecond Perfon. For, as the foule and body .make but one Perfon of A/Ian , fo the God-head and Man-hood make but one Perfon of Chrilé. The two natures of the God- head and Man-hood are fo re- I 3 Cerogruehe Rims efilo. , mere hums- 1111, 4441,4;111, vt &cc reify. fipxnubilline 'nett 7' 14:fil41.r gintere Des iii . ?Joins carrell,. tarn, Athan. Heb.1.17,18. z Infirmitatee mers priunti- nio,nen //no- wt lii.1)0fita0. nu. Ihmersel na. tutu eft cis- flinflaere ordi- nation; eltPd disarm, el; non fie isfl ill?* per- eina,Keck, 1 3vit.Theol. , fib.; p. 1119,