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Vniti Hyp®. fiatice ye- um & bomi- ne:x,nibil eft aliud quàm naturam bu- manam nc habere pro- priamexiflé- ttam,fed af- fumptam effe á verbo e- terne,ad iF- fam verbi ubfifieretiá, incarn.l3. cap.8. b salmis ?. dilinis manent ibtts proprietali- btu nature tam afu- mentis,quá a(fumpte. 17 3T. Dr. Field of tlíeChurch, { book 3.c., 5 The Prailice of Piety. ally vnited by a Perfonall vniost, that as they neuer can be fepara- ted afunder, fo are they not con fl usded ; but remaine flilt diftin. guifhed by their feuerall and Et- fentiall properties, which they had before they were vnited. As for example; the infiniteneße of the Diasine , is not communica- ted to the hurnaue natnre;nor the finitene fe of the humane, to the diuine nature. Yet by reafon of this perfonal union, there is fuch a communion of the properties ofboth natures that that which is proper to the one, is fomctimes attributed to the other nature. As, that God purchafed the Church with his owne blood: And,that he will iudge the World by that Alan whom he bath appointed. Hence alto it is, that though the Hurxtanity of Chrsfl be a created, and therfore a finite and limited nature , and cannot be emery where prefe tt,by aaualipogtion, or locall exten- f on