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The PraEtice.of Piety. the Sonne ; neither made, crea- tecl; nor begotten , but prsocee- So that, when we fay,that the fitdne E ffenge is in the Father vnbegotten: in the Sonne begot - ten : and in the Holy Ghoft pro- f ceeding: we make not three Ef- fences,but only (hew the diners Pnfnta se- r7 n,ben ífì *liquid sb ef- fenfis ab jlrae- tK at fops- ratan : Pains Thefdifp. 2. perfona eft ip fa efPeriti4 . manners of fubfzfing, by which diyina,can_ the fame moil fimple,eternall tracra aQc.r- vn6e often Ff7^ence ub geth in ` pe`N" g 11 J. liarem fubi- each Perfon : namely, that it is fl.ndr r».ds,. not in the Father by generation: Zanchius. yg Per¡anasidnit, that it is in the Son corrrmmn;ca- gigs =rur: ted from the Father, bygenera- Effiryï» cr i_ Lion :, and in the holy GLofi, com- mimi, ration. manicated from both the Father "°iea = "'r liied: and the Sonne by proceeding. Thefe are incommunicable itRion ;'and doe make, not an effentiall, accidentall, or ratiorrall, but a real dii}in?4ió betwixt the three Perfons. So that he who is. the Fatberin the Trinisy, is not the Sonne: He who is the, Sonne in the ?'sank y, not the Father: He M