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Rom.u,;6. bAsre- de m ption, Aft.2035. and fansi6- cation, the Father: Creation, 1.1oh.; and Sandtificati- on, :.cor. atothe Son, Creation, Pfa1.; ;.6. & ReJernp -- ?'he Fraits`ceovf'Piet,. culiarly belonging to God the Father, The redemption of the Church, to God the Sonne: And the fanfti fication of the Elect to God the Holy GhoT. But becaufe the a Fathercreated,and íl;ill go- uerneth the World by the Sonne in the Holy Ghoi,therfore thefe externall a'ions are indifferent - Iy,in b Scripture, oftentimes af- cribed to each of the three Per - fnt, and therefore called com- municable and diuided lison.t. The Internals and incommu- nicable AFtionr, or properties of the three Perfons,are thefe: T. To beget ; and that belon- geth onely to the Father who is neither made,created,,nor be- tion,Eph.4.. gotten,ofany;. the Woiy °hoit. I. To bee begotten: and That ;oyntly all belongeth onely to the Se go each : t.Cco.6.;i. who is of thF. Father alone ;not Opera Tria" mad nor created, but begotten. Iota ad extra 9. irsdittsfi*, and To'praceede from both : and aiaira,. that belougeth only tó the holy GhoJ ; who is dale Father and. theta(