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The Pra slice of Piety. vie the name of God two maner ofwaies: Either b Efrentially,& then it fignifieth the three Per - fons conioyntly, or C Perf nally, and then by a enecdoche it fig - nifieth but one of the three Per - fons in the Godhead. As the Fa- tber -,I Tim.2.5. or the Son, ft7. 20.28. I Tim. 3.16. or the holy Ghofi, AFt. s .4.. 2 Cor, 6.16. And becaufe the Diuine f- fence (common to all the three perfons) is bua one, we call the fame Vnity. But becaufe there bee three di.1intt Perron! in this one indiuifible E{lence, we call the Paine Trinity. e So that this Ynity in Trinity , and Trinity in Unity, is a holy d :pipery: rather to bee religioufly adored by faith, than f curioufly fearched by reafon, further than God bath his VVord. I9 bi7tetAt Nomen Dei effintialiter poficam, nen mina; Fainter èy Spiritism Santini», poem patrern drfQrt¢t. I jan ;meit,w)t. Sacramentum hoc veneran- deem, nen ¡crutandam, quo modo pluralitae fit in vnitate,ey vnita in pluralitate. Scrutati hoc temeritae eft, credere pieta, sole vero, vi- ti ácer7ta. Bern. d AJeque ad loggen dam dighe de Dee lirgeta fees it, neguead per cipiende m it- te lleaga pret. aalet, mager ergo glorificare noscenuenir Deutn, quod ralie e(, qui intelleftune trar.Fcendie, tr cognitionie initixm rnperat. Chry- fuil. Horn. z, Heb. e De Deo togui etiam vera periculof/rtmum Arnob. f Lingua menee , & cogitatiane borrefeo, quetite de Deo(ermawesnbabeo, Naiian. 2hß