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0 1 The Trace of Piety. z Omdrfcen- di t nobit De- molt sateen. fiasaniest ei, (pee,' C. n2. a Exad.3 g.; How, vel Haiab, Efft:nan ita 'Deus ef! a fe- ipfeOttfit A. {SIX . e., i.. ávroaiy Oven's hutm, aoterinie litera jutxfyir¢tUa- la,vt demote. . tut Dewy e,g'e Jjititam. p.Mart.toc. cc3m.capa3. P.Montan. de ae.fenn c.t. b lehoaah non babe; plurale, ir +n jaip;a- eie-foti teer. eó tribmitta. Thus farre of the diners wanner afbeing in this diuine Effence; now of the Attribute. s,:. thereof, Ttridïuer are certaine d -- fcriptions of the Uiuii e Effence delivered in the Scrip- tures, according to the veaknes of our z capacity ,to helpe vs the better to vnderfiand the nature ofGods Effence,and to difcerne it from all Other effences. The Attributes of God are of two forts , either nominall, or reall. The Nomixdt Attributes are ofthree forts:firfc,thofe which figniiie Gods e fence: fecondly, the Perfore in the Effence !third, Iy,thofe which fignifie hùef fern- tiall worker. Of'the firft fort, is the name a lehouah, or rather b Iehueh, which fignifieth eternall6eing of himfef ; in whom being-with. out