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¡ The Praglice of Piety. he bath manikfed himfelfe to be mof willing, and belt able to helpe and fuccour him in his pre - lent need or aduerfitie. The ar- dent delire of' knowing, is the fureft tefimony of our loue to God,and of Godsfauour to vs. Tecaufe he bath fet hic loue upon mee, therefore I trill deliuer him: I trill fit him on high ,becaufe he bath knorne my name,hee fhall call upon mee , and I Trill anfiìer hire,,e-c.And it is a great Breng- thening of faith , with. vnderr Banding to begin euery alion in the Names f God. Thud farce of the nominal/ Attributes. The reall vittributec are of' two forts: either abf lute or re- latine. The Abfolute eAttribute c are filch which cannot in any fort agree to any creature , but to God alone, Th`fe are two; Simplene(fe, and ..IJ #itenejfe. Simple _. 35 PCal.9=.14, 15. IntelliSentia .. habest ale- quid fissile materta, a1i* quid fimpleaç ferma. So&st 'Deus fmplex efl,in quo si- hil in paten. tea, fid is actu amnia, imo pf pus ISS ,prie enne ,rneáeuJ) re/tim,;, ac?ur. Jcal.; Xerc. ¢.Seft. . IufI. Martyr Orthodo, 'r as..