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The 7'r4 l ice of Piety. teacheth vs , that all the gifts which wee réceiüe from God, proceed from hi> meere father - ly lou e.S econdly,that we fhould loue him againe, as deare chil- dren. Thirdly,that we may in all our needs, and troubles, be bold to call vpon him as a Father, for his helpe and fiiccour. Thus should wee not heare of the fa- cred Names of God,,: but wee fhould thereby be put in mind of hisgoodneJfe vnto vs, and of our duties vnto him And then fhould we finde how comforta- ble a thing it is , to doe euery thing in the Name of God. A. phrafe vfuall in euery mans tongue; but the true comfort thereof (through ignorance) knowne to few mens hearts. It is great wifedome.., and an vnfpeakeable utter , for the, ftrengthening of a Chriftians Faith, to,. know how, in the meditation of Chrsft,to intiocate Gódby fuck a name as whereby he