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The Pratlice of Piety. 37 earth, contannin:, all places, and contained of any,face,place,., or bounds., and being no where abfent,is eury where prefent. There are 4. degrees of Gods pref nce :.;the firft is vniuerfall,by which God is repletiuely emery where,inclufsrsey,no where. Secondly, Speciall, by which God is laid to bee in Heauen, becaufe that * there his Power, w f dome , and Goodne fe is in a more excellent manner feene and enioyed: as allo becaufe that vfuallyhee loth from thence powre both.. his Bllefins and lodgments. Thirdly,moreffreciall,bywhich God b his Saints.: Fourthly,moß ff eci lll,and alto- gether fingular, by which the whole f lnei e of the God -head e dzrelleth in Chrift bodily, Vnchan eablenes, whereby God is voile of all change both in refped of his à Elfençe,{ nd:c,wilim. II * P1aIa9.z. H >f.z.t I. b2 Co ; -z6. and 6. 39. zCor.6.t5- c Color s. 8: dRomi.23. Ifa.4a s8. Pfafm.soz. 27 , &e. eApoc.1 S. I Sam.) Ç.29 Num.23.19. Meal.;. 6. Rom. ¡1.29. Parnrontin sum do Woe enunciator, non affoilarn in Deo, fed of ectlim Doi . to bominibuo fignificas Alt}cd.