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Ë Ifa.44. 6 larn.5. 19. {Dan.6. z6. eb. i z. Apoc. 4.8. Creatura qu<edars æ- erne flint á ofieriori; á riori folris Deus e! 4ternssei, Al fled. Lex- T heol caz The`Pralice of Piety. 3. Eternitie, whereby God is without beginning of dayes, or end of time.. and without all bounds of . f precefon, or fstc- cefon. Thusfar're of the abfolaste At tribnter; now of the Relatiue, or fuck which haste reference ro the Creatures. Thofe are flue. Y . L f . 2. V nderflooding. 3. will, 4. `Power. 5. Adaieflic. or He _Lift of God is that, by w hich , as by a mof pure and perpetuall AE1,he not onely g A& s7. liueth of, himlfelfe but is alo 25,28. that euer and osserfowingFoun- A 'J.4 .15. taine of Lift, from which all Pfal.42. z. Creatures &Hue their á hues P(al. 36.19 fo-as that in him they liste, mopste, Heb 3iÿ. breathe , and. haue ,their being. And