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?"ha Pritetice of `19iety. r i . Lorte,whereby is meant Gods eternal' fgood will, whereby hee ordaineth his Elea to be:freely fa- ued through Chrift, and g beftoweth on them all necc f fary graces for this lfe,and that to com.e,h ta- king pleafaare in their per - fans and feruice. 2. ftOice i is Gods conffant irifl,wherby he recom- penfeth men and Angels, according to their worker : 1 panFfhing the irnpeaitent,according to their deferts , called the iuíice of his wrath: and m¡renrarding the faithful', according to his promi- fes, called' the iurice of his Grace, 3. Mercy,whiçh is n Gods f i Iob.3.r. g i'fal.y3. . h Gen.. 4. ! Norma ire- fiitis diuinss eff ei ve 1411141. ,kii4 enim vult, ideo efi non 9p14 in- fi-um , ideo v alt. Eph.t.21. k Rwn.a.ç. 2 Theli:t. &e. 2 Tim.4.8- Deut.7.9,10. Dery prim cipium & ß. nem er media raw» omen Denens,recta- fw lino4 ir1- cedonl, i vt ftsRio 434bet dfze diuino l{gii .indicep, J9 soul tit fuicquam Swactionu+v, eiu, pr4termiffbso eft, Ariftot.lib. de mundo m Rom.9.15',I6.Eztch.r6.6. e;. 8, &c. Tit. ;. 4, Semper invades Deum bentgnio, tw, 9u4m te culpabi, boron, Serum. Bern. Vindictagladium mifnuo,dia oleo f}m. pet avait. Nicept lib. a7. cap 3. were