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4© Math.7.t;. b Intellects t, fcieesti4 er fapúntia Deo non di- f inguuntur, Ti}en> 2cam fapienlia in homing eft habitue intel- lectui impref- fru,9ui de Deo diti non daber, trout inlcbfe- etui of ipfa fapientia, Keckerin. ¿toe á03aa? etàt >i+ trar, Het: lih. Py. trai n,./.,P. Sap. Hence the P }atenmrkes term: God at} eye,.%e- .ing all. c i Tim. a, S. ( names: as, Rom. 9.0. Ephef L 5. d Dent lestantate Tua ewwta esnfritwit,Trilm, is Pint. Hive Orpheus Daum o4e4t nereAtatem,rorteae inferioruru, quod amnia ipfi parer* cogantur. ,e Voluar.t Dai limnee impletor, oar de nobig, aura nobs. De wobu inupletsr,fed tames wen isostlessac On la quando pe ritanaee4 mkt impletur,q 44* es.%k. ium am i.zs. I. Lone . The Prettlice of Piety. and gracioufiy `acknomkdgeth onely his EleE? for his ovine. b Vnderflauding alto container the W fedome of God, by which he mofl wifely created all things of nothing, in number, me.afure, and waight and í1:i11 ruleth and difpofeth them to ferue his own molt holy purpofe andglory. The Will of God is that, whereby of c neceffity hee wil- leth hirnf 11e, as the foueraigne good: and (by willing himfelfe) ,,,;Meth roof d freely e all other good things, which are out of hinge /. The Trill of God, though in it felfe it be but one , as inrhis Ef fence,yet in refpec9 ofthe diner - ftie of ohicEls, and of ,ds, it is called in the &riptures by diners