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WS- The Pragtice of Piety. , 45 all his 'enertier ; whom hee will haue 9 plagued and def royed, 7,citko. 27 without being "bound to render Pcat.uo.i. to any Creature _a reafon of his doing : but making his owne moil holy and kilt will, his only moff perfec`f and eternall Law. From all thefe Attribaïtes ari- feth one, which is Gods foue- raigne bielfednes or perfc!tion. Blefredncs is that r perfill and J. vnmeafureabfe pof effiion of ioy and glory, which God bath in himfelfe for euer : and is the caufe of all the bliffe and perfe- r 'Dews eft 5chaddaijue «vtetptwt, men fauns quia Ipfe ni- /1st depletes, fed etiam gala tiled in se de-, &ion , that cuery Creature en- fderdrip°teft. Creatr.rae fe- ioyeth in his meafure. eit perfecter There are other er ttribaste.r hquo 914a! f uratiuei y and improperly a- fcrilaed vnto God, in the holy nfPienrt eft Scriptures , as by an flnthropo- mo.rphofis , the members of a t46sea,:. Mark.t4.. é. man, eyes,.earer, noftrils, rtfottth, hands, flete, erc. or the fenfes " & a4ions of -man,as feing,heg- ,35.4.t; .6. ts. ring, fmelling, working, rnallZing, Mat.sç 34 tam.i.i7. firaking , . By an ci9nthro- PoP4-