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$ * See Mailer wi jar Di. dionary of the faible molt profi- table for this porpofe The Pragfice of T iety, popotheia,the affeftions,and paf liionsofaman,as rladneffe,griefe, ioy, forrow,loue,hatred,&c. or by an Analogy, as when hee is na- med a Lyon, a Rock, a Tözrre, a buckler, &c; Whofe fignifica- tion euery * Commentary twill expreffe. Ofall thef Attributes, wee muß hold theft general? Rules. No eAttributes ca n fuffici- ently t exprefre the 6ffence of God, becaufe it is infinite, and ineffable. whatfoeuer therefore is if o- ken of God,is not God,but ferueth rather to helpe our weake vn- dertanding , to conceiue in our reafon,and to vtter in our fpeech the Maiethe of his (Dimino Na- tare, fo farce as he bath vouch- fated to reueale himfelfe vnto vs in bis Word. 2. eAll the e4ttribustes of GO D