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The Pra7ice of Piety. G O D belong to eueryi of' the three Perfonr as well as to the fence it fen', with the limita- tion of a perfonall propriety. As the mercy of the Father, is mer- cy begetting : the mercy of the Sonne, is mercy beggotten: the mercy of the Holy Ghof, is mer- cy proceeding : and fo of the rci . 3. The E(rentiall Attributer of God, differ not from his Ef- fence. Becaufe they are fo in the Effence, that they are the very E fence it felfe. a in God therefore there is nhthing which is not either his E fence or Pe:1ôn. 47 ,iltiri6ntr emir propte imam mu- :turn fingurt diui- nitatil pnfs. nit cempetwtt, 4. The E1 entiall4ttributet ofGod, differ not Effentialy nor really one from another , ( becaufe xvhatfoeuer is in God, is one moil- fimple Effence, and one admits no dinifion) but one - ly in our reafon and vnderfízan- ding, which being not able to know Earthly things, by one Pimple a In Deo ni. hzhfi, quod non fit ìp(ï Deus, Zanch.