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The 'Frog-lice of Piety. 51 vnderganding and 1;4m/edge : fabmit oar felues to his Welled will and piealUre : lotse him , for his tome mercy , goodne jfe , and patience : trtsft to his Yord, be- crsufe of his trig): feare him for his power, iuflicee and anger ; re- ucrence him for his hálincjfe : annd';, prasfe :hire for his biclfilpejfe, ar.d to depend all our lire on him , who is the onely Author j of our life, being, and all thegood things we haue. 3. T'o f irre vs vp to imhate the Divine Spirit in his oiy At- tribrstes : and to blare (in force meafure) the Image of his wife - dosne, Lome, goodneffe, 7 to ice, Mercy, Truth, Patience, Zeale, and 'Anger againti 1 ne, that we may be wife, lom ng,iuf, mer- cifull,true,patient, and zóalo:se as our God is. .. Laífly, that -wee may in our Prayers and Meditations, eonceitre right of his Diuine ¡Mich and not according( D2 toi