Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

S'2 a Pfal.go.z. 1 c GcsV.t7:I. Iob :5. 25. i.d Apoc.4,8. ' and 15.4. cRo.1i.33. and 1G.t7 fEz.3}.6,7. I'fa.La8.4. and 1o3.Ir, t.& 145.8,9- g Deu.3 2.4 EGen.8.z S. 1í.14S17 blob. 4.34. i Deu.3 z.4. Mat.3.t 6. Mat. z8.r9. a Cor.:3,:4 tl.Ki.8.t7. í'fa.i2.91.., 1tr 23.73. lfa.48. I,2$ Dan. 4.3 z. ,n t Ka.8430 Ier. t 7 o o ;ia.62. t 6. p .Fi7 Mat. t 7 .I 8. , The'FraHice of 'Piety. to thole grec and blafphemous imaginations , vvhich naturally aril in mens braittes : as when they conceiue God to be like an old Alan fitting in a chake and the bicifed .. rinity to bec like that - tripartite Moll, vs'hieh Papitls haue painted in their Church -w indowes. i When thercfoBe thou art toi pray vnto God , let thine heart 1peake vnto him , as to that a eternati , b infinite, e 41rzióhty, d holy, a wife, t itsft ,I; mercifull; h Spzr'it,and mi9fi i perfal, k indi- xifible Elena. jo'f three flutrall{ Perfons, Father, Sonne, and holy g1 o f : ,,ho being t pre feat in ail places , m rttleth Hearten , and Earth;' -under f axdet i n all nets hearts ,,d knoweth all wens mil - ries; and t% only P die to bef ow on vs all graces which wee want, and to d,eluser all penitent ftn- ners , who with faitl:ftill hearts ' feeke ( for Chrtfizs fake ) k ii helfe oast o} all their fíftatens and t rod les J