Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

MI ,---- The Prilke ofPiety. 57 perfeUly in hire , communicated vneo vs. Briefly, in allgoodnefe bee is din all. Loue that ene good God; and thou fhalt love him , .in whom all the good of good efe confàfleth. Hee that would therefore attaiae to the fauvg kposvledde ofG d , ti learnt to know him by lotte. For God loue , and a the knowled;e of the lasse or'God pa jetb all know ledge. For all .knovrletige be- tides to know h how to loue God , and to ferre him onely , is noshing. vpon Salomon: credit, but va.n:ty of vanities; and vrxa- t+ioso of .grit. Kindle therefore, O mye 1,4- dy,nay rather,0 my * Lord Cha- rity the loue of thy felfe in my foule efpecially , fc_c;ng it was thy good pleafure, that be- ing d reconciled by the blood of Chrif,'I fhould he brought , by the knowledge of thy grace , to the Communion of thy glory wherein onely confies my fous- D 5 rairne .4ma vrrtt>g; illum b,'pI tGtt9,:í in quo omite Gmu.rn fsftatt, Prolò.c,t3. c Eca a,c7. * Do,stina, rrnmo Doni- nui ci7a'tta+ B ern.