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Rom 8.t 8. The Prat`lice of Piety. thou flue fo fccurely Ju finne without repentance ? If thou dolt truely beleeue , that God is moa wife.,, why deeft not thou referre the cuents of croffes and di/grace; vat() him , who know - eth h ®vv to :tone all things to the heft , vnt o them that loge him ? If thou art perfwaded, that God is true : why cltoefl~ t}aou doubt of his p.romifes ? And if thou beleeuef4 that God is beatific ' Sire babe- and * Per (alive it fife , why era fain, doeft not Chou make him alone (ané rr,at ar- the chicle end of all thine" of e- duus æthcr. Tellies rtt114 (lions and def res ? for if thou ruodi frrít_ l:ouea beautie } he is mpg faire que loco. if thou defirea riche; ,he is moïi wealthy , If thou fsekcfí zrifè- dome, he. is mof't wife. VClhatfoc. net excellency thou hafi feene in Credit any creature , it -is nothing but otnia perfe- a .ar%le of that which is its'n- aiata f;:t ín , finite r erred ian in God : and gro varn when in Hf.aueta wee (hall haue ffihfs. Dionyf de an immediate Communion with eiuin.c 6. ( God , fl`aall haue them all per -