Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The Practice of Piety. Aleditrstiòns of-the mi f rie of a man, not reconciled. to God in Chri¡. Wretched Mane where (hall I be- to describe thine endlefe mifery I who art condemned, as foone as concei. hied-; and adiudged to eternall death, before thou waft borne to a temp rall life. A beginning, indeed i ende, but no end of thy miferies.. For when ,Adam and Eue , being created after Gods owne Image, and placed in Pa- radii , teat they and their Po- fluky might liue in a bleficd flare of life immortall, hawing: D Jmkuion of all earthly crea- tures, and onely reftrained from the fruit of one tree as a figne of their f rbsettion to the Al- mighty Creator ; though God forbade them this one frnall thing, ,......,:..,.,.,...,..._, D"ainnatus met,. nattbi,A.u..