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6a 71x .Tr.aEfice of? alp thing vnder the penalty of eter- nal] death; yet they beleetued the, Dikels word before the wore of God;making Gad (as mach as its them lay ),a /yen, And fo being vntliankefult for all the benefits which God bellowed on them, they became vaale- contented s'ich. their prefent fate , as,if God had dealt en:ti uQy or niggardly . with them : and beleeued that. the Deni11 would make them, partakers of farre more glorious 4I thi gs then Brier God has be -_ ( t1owed vpon them and in their !.pride they fell into high treafon again fl the mo,` High , and dif: gaining to bee Gods Subkas, they affe1ed blafphemon1ly to be gods them felrses equals voto Cod, Hence., till they repented (lofing Gods /merge ), they be came like voto the Vetsill: and fo all th& pofieriry as it 7rai- tera; brood (whilefa they re mine impenitent , li4e,th e, ) Saxe fubicti in, this life to all cro-64 TCFc Zffifir