Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

62. j The Prat-lice of Piety. which over-whelmed both body and foule together in Hell. And firtt, let vs take a view of, thofe miferies which acoom- pany thy body , according to 1 the foure ages of thy life.. 1. Infancy. 2. Tooth. y 3. Manhood. 4, Old Age. ilfeditations of the fry of Irfaicy. VI Bihar waft thou being :: V an Infaant, but a brat; hauirg the fbape of a rnarì was not thy body concciued in the heat ofIna, the ferret offhamë, and aaine of originall fsnne ? And thus waft thou caf+ naked won he earth , all imbre wed ine blood of filchinefie , ( filthy ink deed ; when the Senile of God, who difdained not to take on him mans nature, & tite infirmi- ties