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The Araa-ice of Piety. ties thereof : yet though it vn- befeemed his Holinef e , to be conceiucd after the finfull man- ner of mans conception.) So that thy, mother was afhamed to let- thee know the manner thereof : What cäùfe then hafi thou to bjaf} of thy birth, which was a cur fed pine to thy mother and to thy felfé the en- trance into a troublefome Iife ? the greatneffe of which mile- ries becaufe thou couidefi not vtter in words , thou diddell ex- pre(% (as well as thou couldfi ) in weeping scares. 2. Meditations oftbem8siferíés of Tooth. Nyll Hat is Tooth, but in V vntamed Beall 3 ell whole a%ïons are raft; and rude, not capable of goad counfell, when it is given: and A e- like, delighting in nothing but in toyes and babies is Therefore I tho -u