Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The Praflice of Piety. incident to fnnefull man ? To fpeake nothing of the death of friends and children , which oft. times feennes to be veto vs farre more bitter then pref.= death it felfe. Meditations of the nifirl of old use. V Hat is oleo 4ge,but the receptacle of all usala dies ? for if, thy lot be to draw thy dayes to long date,' in comas old bald-headcd age, Etooping wader dotage,. with his tvrink.- led face , rotten teeth, and f mk rng breath : te4llre with Cho - ler, withered with drincile dim - med with blindneffe , abfisrded with dea fell cfie , osuerwhelnaed with fickene4Íe , and bowed to. getber with weaknes, hauing no vie of any feel , but of the fenfe of }wine : which fo rackcth cue - ry member of his body , that it neuer eafeth him of griefe, till hEe. .... v.