Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The PraFisce of Pie7y. perfaon ofa Coward. Art thou borne in rneane elate ? Lord !. what Baines and drudgery mufi thou indure at home and abroad, to get maintenance ? and all perhaps fence furl cient to ferue thy neaef ìty ; and when ( after rrinch feruice and labour) a roan hath got fomething ; how lit- tle certainety is there in that which is gotten ? fceing thou reef{ by daily experfence, that hee'wbo -teas rich yef{erday , is to day a begger : bee that yefler- day was in bealth,to day is frck.e: bee that yeiaerday was merry and laughed, hath caufe to day to mourne and wetpe ; hee that yefterd-ay was in fauour, to day is in difgrace : and be , who ye- faerday was aline to day is dead r and thou knower{ not how pave , nor in what manner thou !hall dye thy idle? And who can enumerate the lops, cre es , rre fec di f races , me et and calamases which are incident