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Eph.z.a. Gen.6.5. t Roni.tzïr. Eyli.q,. i 7. The Tr°aaice ofP ietJ, free from all prophase error. Thirdly, Righted focfe,_,A,b..ere- by (bee was able to irdire all her naturali powers, and to frame vp-rightly all our alfioni , pro - oecning from thofe powers. With tte loffe of this !iuini I- rzage, file loo the Zaus o f God, & the LI<; %d tarrmmunnian which nice had v ith his ci`ïíaicffie ; wherein confined) her life, and happi.4:. If the lof e of earthly riches vei e thee fo muc h, how fhould not the hofft of this di- , uine trey: fire perplex thee much more 2. The misery which lice pulled vpon her fetfe, confîlls in two things : z. Szasnefulnefic. 2. Curfer rt ffe. I. Srnnefulnes is an vniuerfaf corruption : both of her Na- ture aril .'dons : für her a Na- ture is infe&ed with a Fronen( e to eine -ry finne continually , the b Mind is fluffed with vanity,, the