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The like of Piety. 7T the c Vnderstasding is darkned c i Cor. z. with sgner4xce , the d w :l affe- 14 c`feth nothing but vite and wive d Phil. r. 3. things: All her e Áitiens are e. uill : yea this deformity is fo vi- a Rom.a.ii. dent, that oftentir s in the re- Rom. 7'1 o' generate foule the Appetite will not obey the gouernment of Reafon, and the Wall wan - dercch after , and yeelds confcnt to finfull motions. How great t en is the violence of the Ap- petite and ma in the Repro - bate foule,, which'dill remáincs in her Naturall corruption ? Hence it is that thy w+t=etchcci Sc:sle is fo deformed with fixrne, defiled with hili polluted with filthinefè, outraged with pa,i-- os ouer - carryed with 4ffe- Moru, pining t`ith Dog , ouer charged with Gluttony , fur- g uedred with Dankennee boyling with Rcaenge , tranf- ported with Rage; and the glo- rious Imitge of Çod transfor- 1 teed to the ougly [hap of the Desill,