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IIIemwra..*.,41 comfortakie walking with God. cafe,in terraof falvation. Hereupon theygrow into a cone air, that they are well conceited of their fpirituall Rate, end fn walke farre more refolutely and confidently towards Hell, by reafon of their fociety and thence of their Chaim companions. I thinke verily, that prophane men doenot one- ly fometimes defire the companyof Chriftians to win repu. tation from the better fort, and toguild over the rottenneffe of their converfation with fome little tin lure, and leffer fplendour reflected from the glory of their Chriftianity; but alfo to purchafe fome counterfeit comfort to their confcien- ces, and falfe hopeunto their hearts, that their cafe is the bet- ter towards Gods,becoule Gods childrenvouchfafe tokeepe company, andconverfe more familiarlywith them. 8. But aboveall for this purpofe perufe often,and ponder well, I. The cffAuall prohibitions in Gods Booke : 2. the proteflations and praetifeof theSaints. 3. and punifhments infli&ed for familiarity with the ungodly. For theWI, fee 2 Chron.T 9 2. and 3 20.37. For the fecond, fee -Pfal,26.4) 4 Hine dikimtgV jun 5. leremiah 1 5.17. 2 King. 3.14. For the firft, fee I Car. 5. Ephel: 5 . I I . Prov. 14. 7. 2 Thef:3.6. wherehee fo- lemnely command' them in the Name of our Lord Zero,' Chrifi that they 'withdraw themfelves from every brother that wakes ibecriajaatesmcurn inordinately , Hee aytnes fpecially in that place at idle at cftceeirsc: cs6Lavat, igkr0 perfons ; by confequent then , and good proportion ; at more notorious fellowes. If wee muff withdrawour felves from thole, whohave leafure to bee for all companies, at all times, upon all occafions ' and are therefore accounted the onely companions: how fa ft muff we runne from lyars,fwea- rers, whoremongers , drunkards , fcorners , revellers, and fellowes of Inch infamous rank( ?Prov,444.where iteration of the fame fence in variety of phrafe, argues the neceffity of the duty andearneftneffe of the DivinePenman to perfwade Enter not, faith he, into thepath of the tricked ; and goe not in theway of evill men, Avoide it, pare by it, turne from it, andpale away. Deepe apprehenfiveneffe of the excellency and worthof the matter, or extraordinary fervency to im- preffe and perfwade the paint, doth many times in Scrip- G 3 two